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Whittier Branch VOCE Recital
February 17, 2018

Non-Competitive Recital 3:00 pm (solos and ensembles)
VOCE Competition 3:30 pm (solos and ensembles)

Tchaikovsky School of Music, 20265 Valley Blvd., Suite F, Walnut 91789
Sarkis Salmanyan, Chair

2017 Results


Junior Division, Solo Strings, 1st Place Trophy: Ian Tseng, cello (student of Hovhannisyan)
Intermediate Division, Solo Strings, 1st Place Trophy: Melissa Liu, violin (Tsai)
2nd Place: Nicholas Vo, violin (Tsai); 3rd Place: Matthew Chong, violin (Pech)
Senior Division, Solo Strings, 1st Place Trophy: Jacqueline Zhang, violin (Shirvanyan)



VOCE is a prestigious competition at the Branch and State levels for Vocalists,
Orchestral Instruments (strings, winds & brass) and Chamber Music and Ensembles
(including Sonatas for Piano with other instruments) to inspire top students toward
highest achievement and performance at MTAC State Conventions. Students must
compete first in our Whittier Branch Competition and our First Place Winners are eligible
to compete at the State Competition in April. Branches are encouraged to foster
non-competitive opportunities in chamber music to develop more interest in ensemble
playing. We offer both competitive and non-competitive opportunities at the same recital
on February 12, to be held at St Andrew Church in Whittier. More information is
available at
Competitive Solo or Ensemble REGISTRATION: November 1 - December 15, 2017
VOCE Program uses the new system. You'll need to log in to
Competition: many Divisions and Categories are available, based on instrumentation
and age. Follow the guidelines. Parents must go online, register and provide payment
after you register your students. Send age verification directly to the State Office.
Competitive repertoire: Time limit is 9 minutes. Click HERE for the new VOCE guidelines.
Deadline for application for either Competitive or Non-Competitive is December 15 online.
Competitive Fees: $50 Solo [9 minute time limit] — $25 Ensemble [each member] —
Non-competitive Fees: $15 Solo [9 minute time limit] — $10 Ensemble [each member] —
Payment is made online by the parent through the new system at
and must be completed by January 6, 2018.
Written Comments: All performers will receive written comments and Certificates
of participation
Awards: First Place Winners will receive trophies and are eligible to compete at
the State Competition in April at Chapman University. Winners at the State Competition
will be perform at the State Convention in June and receive cash prizes. See VOCE Guidelines.
Non-competitive Repertoire: There are no restrictions for choice of repertoire,
but there is a time limit of 9 minutes.
• Participants must be the student of an Active teacher-member of the MTAC Whittier
Branch for at least 6 months prior to the festival date. Non-competitive solo and ensemble
participants may be any age, including adults.
• A student may be in all four: the Solo and/or Ensemble Competition and in a Non-competitive Solo
or Ensemble. Read the information in the VOCE Policies (PDF)
• All judges' decisions are final.


Application deadline: December 15, 2017; editing must be completed
by January 17, 2018.
• Competitive Application — apply online at
• Non-competitive Application — also apply online at

Competitive Fees

• $50 Solo or $25 Each Ensemble Member
• teacher registers and parent pays online at

Non-Competitive Fees

• $15 Solo or $10 each Ensemble member
• teacher registers and parent pays online at


Repertoire Requirements

• Time limit: 9 minutes
• See VOCE Guidelines for competitive repertoire requirements.
• Any ensemble literature is acceptable for non-competitive recital.
• Original published music must be provided for the judges. No photocopies.