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Join Our Whittier Branch of MTAC


The six classes of membership in MTAC are:

Active Teacher Membership is granted to those who have a degree in music
from an accredited college, university, or conservatory (or the equivalent)
and who have at least two years experience, actively engaged in the
profession of teaching.

Provisional Membership is a four-year program for those who have not yet
fulfilled all the requirements of Active Teacher Membership.
Provisional Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership,
including participation in Certificate of Merit, and achieve Active Membership
by earning points through documenting instruction and experience.

Student Membership is for undergraduate students who are currently
working on a bachelor’s degree in music. Student Membership
is limited to four years. Active Membership is achieved upon completion
and verification of a bachelor’s degree in music. Requirements:
• Be enrolled in two or more music courses per academic year
• Provide proof of passing final grades in each course

Cal-Plan Membership is a four-year independent study program for teachers
without academic training who are pursuing Active Membership.
Cal Plan Members enjoy most privileges of Active Membership,
including eligibility for participation in Certificate of Merit.
Additional information on the program is available on the Cal Plan page.

• Contributory Membership is available to teachers who wish to help our
Branch monetarily.

Business Associate Membership is available to non-teaching persons or firms
interested in the purposes of the organization.

For information on how to join the Whittier Branch contact President Robin Curtis
and go to our state website. There is a one-time fee of $50 to apply for membership.

Active Membership: $160 = $110 State and $50 Branch
Provisional Membership: $145 = $110 State and $35 Branch
Student Membership: $60 = $50 State and $10 Branch
Cal Plan Membership: $110 = $110 State and $0 Branch
Contributory Membership: $35 = $0 State and $35 Branch
Business Associate Membership: $165 = $130 State and $35 Branch
Members 70 years and older are entitled to 50% discount on dues: $70 = $55 State and $15 Branch
Members 80 years and older with 10 years of membership in good standing
are waived of any membership dues.

Our Branch Bylaws may be downloaded as a (PDF) document: click here.
To view PDF documents, download the free Adobe Reader adobe reader